One of the major catalysts of violence is poverty and unemployment, 67% of Uganda’s population is vulnerable to poverty, youth unemployment stands at 83% which escalates violence, crime and human suffering this is why we designed the Entrepreneurship for peace project.

Through this project we empower out of school youth with vocational and business skills which enable them start their small businesses, increase employ-ability and thus contribute positively to community development and transformation. The vocational skills include product making (soap, candles, and hand crafts), tailoring, computer, hair dressing, and agriculture among others.


The Business skills include; identifying business opportunities, managing and growing a business, financial management, marketing, customer care, creativity and business ethics.   112 youth have benefited from the vocational skilling. 2000 have been equipped with business skills and consequently 60% in employment.

We also host the annual Youth in Business Summit which brings together prospective/active youth entrepreneurs and business leaders/consultants/companies across Uganda and East Africa for a day of business training, group mentorship, networking and exhibition of their business and innovation.

Since 2012 NVPU continues to host this event which has impacted over 2000 youth entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses and consequently become peace change agents in their communities.

NVP Uganda

The Non-Violence Project Uganda is a youth empowerment non-profit organization working across Uganda’s schools and communities to prevent and reduce violence through Peace building, education, entrepreneurship, Sports and creative arts. We envision communities where young people are safe, inspired and engaged in positive action.


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