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 A youth educational and empowerment  non-profit organisation  committed to  inspiring, motivating and engaging young people to understand how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence and taking positive social action.

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  Youth Empowerment Program


Youth graduate with hands on skills 

One of the major catalysts of violence is youth unemployment, when youth are redundant and impoverished they become desperate and most case resort to crime, violence and drug abuse. Uganda has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world, now standing at 83%. In order to eliminate violence, youth need to be empowered and engaged in positive action. Our youth empowerment program involve the following components:


Entrepreneurship Training

We believe in empowering youth to become entrepreneurs in order to create more jobs. There are vast opportunities within the community that youth can take advantage of, we therefore challenge and train them in business opportunity identification, business planning, financial management, developing and marketing products, business ethics and legalities. Through our entrepreneurship training, summits and mentorship we have witnessed the birth of hundreds of small businesses and lives of youth transformed.


Hands-On skills Training

We equip disadvantaged youth with practical hands on skills to enable them create their own jobs and earn a decent living, our primary focus is teenage mothers who are often rejected and stigmatized, they lack support and often forced in abusive early marriages. we have so far graduated 136 youth with skills in Tailoring, hair dressing and beauty skills, back yard gardening, computer application and repair, art and design, handcrafts skills.



We need to establish a permanent training facility to offer youth empowerment programs. Your support and guidance is very much welcome. Together we can give hope by sustainably empowering at risk youth in Uganda's slums . Thank you