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Schools for Peace is an educational program empowering schools to prevent and combat school related violence. We develop partnership with schools and deliver our well researched and proven peace programs focusing on 3 core areas of self-esteem, conflict management and nonviolence.

Our certified Master Trainers deliver workshops for Teachers and students in schools for peace 3-level program and offer them mentorship and follow-up for one year after which they can continue implement the program through the Peace club model.

We provide training for the schools administration on violence management based on our tailored Nonviolent School Manual, we work with the school to establish Nonviolence Action Groups, install Peace boxes which enable anonymous reporting of violence incidences in addition effective violence recording, tracking and referral systems.

To date our schools for peace program has been implemented in 227 schools in East and Central Uganda. Our peace programs have been proven to reduce violence incidence in schools by 20-30% in the first year. To date we have trained 17,882 Students and 1,406 Teachers across Uganda.

Annually we organize the Schools for Peace Summit a gathering of student leaders from Peace club network established in various partner schools. The inaugural event was launched in 2019. The purpose of this convention is to empower students with leadership skills and inspire to become positive change agents in their schools.

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