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 A youth educational and empowerment  non-profit organisation  committed to  inspiring, motivating and engaging young people to understand how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence and taking positive social action.

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Advocacy and Awareness on Violence, Rights of Children and Gender issues 

The Non-Violence Project Uganda is committed to raising awareness, sensitizing and mobilizing communities to eliminate violence which is rooted in homes, schools and communities. Violence hinders development, causes human and financial losses yet complex and widespread in our communities.

We do this through publication of education and information materials about the situation of violence and calling for action by all stakeholders.

Community Dialogues

We engage communities through community dialogues in order to start a conversation on how to reduce prevent and manage violence. Communities are dynamic in nature which requires a people centered approach by involving all stakeholders i.e. Parents, cultural elders, politicians, religious leaders, youths and opinion leaders.

During these dialogues which range from 3-4 hours, we open the discussion on violence, forms of violence, rights of children and gender issues. We conduct sensitization after determining the level of knowledge about the various issues and the misconceptions, question and answer session and thereafter referral to relevant institutions such as police, legal aid among others. We publish the voices of the communities and share with policy makers and other actors in the sector.

The prevalent cases of violence included child abuse (beating, burning, starvation, child labor) at school and home, Domestic violence(fathers and mothers fighting) mostly fueled by economic disagreements and adultery and gang violence among youths accelerated by drug abuse and high unemployment.

We recommend formation of nonviolence action groups on the village level, referral of violence cases to police and local leaders training their community members on how to solve conflicts without using violence. We provide the families and communities booklets to literate members of society to guide in further training for the community members.

Media Advocacy/campaigns

We leverage on the power of media to reach millions of people across Uganda, we currently run a radio talk show at Apex FM Radio 103.5 based in Jinja with a listener-ship of 5 million people in the region.

We regularly host press conference to share finding from research conducted in schools and communities as well speaking out against acts of violence and human rights violation.