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 A youth educational and empowerment  non-profit organisation  committed to  inspiring, motivating and engaging young people to understand how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence and taking positive social action.

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The Non-Violence Project Uganda is a non-profit organization based in Jinja, Uganda committed to prevention and reduction of youth violence. Our core aim is to inspire, motivate and engage young people in positive action. We stem violence through delivering well researched and holistic peace programs in addition to promoting alternatives such as music, creative arts, sports, volunteerism and entrepreneurship.

The escalating social problems of youth violence and poverty motivated a team of young people led by Eddy Balina who had just completed high school in 2010, to take action and officially started the Non-Violence Project Uganda in 2011. Youth violence manifested through violent strikes, bullying, discrimination, and sexual, emotional and physical abuse were rampant in addition to poverty in the communities fueled by the high rate of youth unemployment.

Our solution is simple, practical and effective. We have developed a three level Peace program for schools covering areas of conflict management, self-esteem and nonviolence.

We establish Peace clubs to provide ongoing action, learning, networking and mentorship for students thus building a movement of positive change agents.

We empower young people through life skills, entrepreneurship and hands on vocational training to enable them create employment and contribute positively to community development and transformation.

We promote active youth involvement in music, dance and drama, creative arts, public speaking, community volunteerism and sports as better alternative to violence.

We are proud to be part of the global network of The Non-Violence Project Foundation. To date we have delivered our schools for peace program to 157 schools in Uganda, directly educating 760 Teachers and 11,500 students.  We have trained more than 2000 youth in entrepreneurship skills and 136 equipped in practical vocational skills. Over 48,000 youth have come in contact with our advocacy campaigns for peace.  The struggle continues ….

Meet our Management Team 

Leadership Structure

Our Board of Directors is the top decision making and caretaker body, it is comprised of 5 reputable persons serving on a five year tenure and meet once a year to review policies, approve executive  plans and proposals. Our current Board members include.

Mr. Nyende Ivan, Mr. Bampalana Mohammed, Ms. Nansirumbi Janet, Mrs. Mutabazi Milcah and Mr. Balina Eddy. ​


Executive Committee

The executive committee is in charge of the day to day operation and project implementation. It is currently comprised of the Executive Director, Project Manager, Finance Manager and Education Manager.  This team works with the support staff and volunteers

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change  the world"  Nelson Mandela 

Our Mission

To inspire, motivate and engage youth to understand how to solve conflicts peacefully and positively impact their communities. Since 2011, we have trained 48,000 students, athletes, teachers and youth leaders. 

Our vision is to impact 250,000 youth by 2023 through our education programs and campaigns.  


Our Approach 

Our approach is based on a belief in the transformative power of education and its potential to build and ensure a strong base for tolerance, empathy, acceptance and respect for human rights.Our educational focus is based on both, prevention and intervention, and on measures that address root issues, rather than punish behaviour

Our Impact

  • 157 School Partnerships established

  • 760 Teachers trained

  • 11500 Students Trained in Schools for Peace Program

  • 2000 Youth Trained in Entrepreneurship

  • 136 youth equipped with hands-on vocational skills

  • 48,000 Young people reached

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