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Young Entrepreneurs during 2018 summit in Kampala

The Non-Violence Project Uganda is partnering with the Young Entrepreneurs community to organize the 6th Annual Youth in Business Summit. The event brings together over 200 young entrepreneurs to learn more about how to start and grow businesses that positively impact and transform their communities. They also get to meet Business leaders, mentors, investor and exhibitors of innovative products, corporate companies and service providers. Through this initiative NVPU is fostering the agenda of Entrepreneurship for Peace.

"We strongly believe that entrepreneurship is one of the best alternatives to youth violence, when our youth are empowered to start and run small business and engage in productive activities, they are less likely to engage in violence, crime and risky behavior which reduces violence" Eddy Balina - Team Leader NVP Uganda

In the coming weeks will will post profiles of Speakers in this years Youth in Business Summit. Today we are delighted to present Sandra Letio and Peter Ogik.

Sandra Letio - CEO, PELERE GROUP

At 23 years, Sandra started a business of manufacturing detergents, organic cosmetics, and personal care products with only USD 15 but by 2016 her business was valued at USD 700,000. With sheer determination, talent, supportive parents and a team of young staff who believed in her, Sandra overcame the barriers she encountered and for this, she won various local and international awards such as Biz is great by the British Embassy and DFCU bank. UNCTAD Best Pitch 2016 and Best Youth Employer – UWEAL among others. She has also been the Young Entrepreneur Ambassador Uganda, inspiring many people to start businesses and we are honored to have her as a Speaker at Youth in Business Summit organized by Non-Violence Project Uganda and Ye! Community.

Peter Ogik, Chairperson, SNUPA

Peter Ogik is one of the founders and Chairperson of Source of the Nile Union of Persons with Albinism (SNUPA), which advocates for human rights and access to quality services for people with albinism. Peter’s birth was a real shock for his parents who had never seen a person with albinism. Peter is a real example of how to turn problems into opportunities. Despite his condition, he is impacting his community and world.

“Although my family was not good financially, I worked my way through high school and eventually to university. I stopped fishing because my skin was always burnt by hot sunshine and decided to look for other jobs to support my studies. This did not work out for me; I remember applying for a job, and the owner of the business responded: “I can’t give you a job, you’d scare my customers.” At least he was honest, but most people simply didn’t reply and instead ignored my applications.”

Peter is also the Board Member of the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU).

The event will take place on 6th April 2019 at Jinja Town Hall from 8am to 6pm.


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