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Dear our friends, supporters and volunteer alumni, as Covid 19 threatens to unleash an unprecedented health crisis, the government of Uganda has extended the lockdown as more cases are being recorded from within the communities and externally from truck drivers from Kenya and Tanzania.

In the last 45 days of the lockdown phase, we sent out food to the most vulnerable in our circles especially in the slum communities unfortunately with the extension of lock down the elderly, street children and disadvantaged families are starving in our neighborhood.

The government has committed to serve some 2 million people but this leaves many without an alternative in a country where 67% are vulnerable to poverty.

As the Non-Violence Project Uganda through the Covid 19 relief project we are going to support 370 at-risk people in 74 households/families in Wairaka, Budhumbuli and Masese slums in Jinja District. We will distribute food items, seeds for planting and soap. The Seeds will help those that have some piece of land to plant for food security in the coming months. We are also planting a 2 acre garden to generate more food for sustainability in the post-coronavirus period.

To do this we urgently need $40 for each of the 74 families which translates into a total of $3000.

Small ACTIONS matter especially in these times of crisis. Thank for your generosity.

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