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NVP Peace program empowered Paul to inspire positive change in his community

Paul Wanyama

Paul is a teacher by profession, as a teacher he understands the dynamics of violence in the school setting, when he heard about our call for applications for the master trainer program he quickly submitted his application and was selected. Paul says the training was eye opening and positively impacted his life.

Paul receiving his certificate from Education Director(Global) and Chairperson Jinja NGO Forum

“Before I got the training, I had difficulties in solving conflicts but after the training I’ve got to learn so many ways how we can solve conflicts in a positive way and this has helped me in my day to day life when I’m associating with people, family members and at work. So this program has not left my life the same.” Paul Wanyama (on 7th March 2018)

Being a teacher himself, delivering the training to teachers and students was easy and fun. When he introduced the schools for program teachers and students were so excited, some students went ahead to compose songs, write poems, speeches and art pieces to express their voices to fight violence.

In his field reports the program has had a lot of impact, initially before the program was introduced the students had low self-esteem. They did not know other positive option of solving conflict and this had helped them so much including some girls who had been abuse, they gain the confidence to express themselves and stand up for their rights.

Paul says the program has helped him to broaden his perspective and to become more tolerant and respectful of other people’s opinion even when he does not agree with them.

Paul 9in African Fabric) with Teachers after conducting a training


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