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NVP Uganda Master Trainers during Skills workshop

On 14th September 2018 we conducted a successful skills training workshop at our national offices in Jinja for our Master Trainers; these are certified trainers who deliver the Schools for Peace program in schools.

They were equipped with skills in making liquid soap, Jelly and Paper bags. These are products are marketable in Uganda and it will enables youth start businesses and earn a living.

Uganda continues to grapple with high rate of youth unemployment estimated at 83% this explain the high levels of youth violence, crime and abuse of drugs. Youth need hope, inspiration and mentorship in order to utilize their vigor and energy in productivity and positive activities.

Through our skills empowerment program we empower youth in hands on vocational and product making skills which enable them create small businesses and increase employability. These skills include tailoring, hair dressing, computer repair and product

making skills where they are trained to make liquid soap, bar soap, jelly, mosquito repellent, hand crafts, cooking, juice making, candles, paper bags, recycling plastics among others.

The hands on skills training go along with entrepreneurship and business mentorship, we believe that when youth are empowered to become entrepreneurs and productive citizen they are less likely to engage in violence. The individuals trained will pass on the skills to others in their communities.

Learning How to make Liquid Soap


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