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Baby Class at the Community School

In 2016 we established a community schools in the poverty and violence ridden slums of Jinja, in Eastern Uganda. We realized that many children were not going to school due to lack of schools fees and scholastic materials this was mainly because of the family problems such as the HIV/AIDs scourge which has led to many orphans, alcoholism and unemployment are also catalysts to poverty which hinders education.

The Community school therefore came in as a timely answer this problem and as a result 134 children have been enrolled and currently receiving formal education, the project has also created employment opportunities for the local teachers and casual workers. 16 children will be graduating from Nursery to Primary level next year 2019.

In 2018 we completed the first 4 classroom block with capacity to hold 200 children; the community school is projected to grow to 300 children next. This is the best time to invite you to partner with us as we expand and serve the next generation. We strongly believe that is through education that we can sustainably empower children, giving them a hand up and not just hand-outs.

You are interested in partnering and supporting this project, drop us an email;

Together Inspiring positive action through education


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