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 A youth educational and empowerment  non-profit organisation  committed to  inspiring, motivating and engaging young people to understand how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence and taking positive social action.

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The program helps young people to understand themselves, their friends, and the adults in their lives, and to come up with peaceful solutions to problems that are more likely to work for everyone. It promote the values of self-esteem, conflict management and non-violence.

The Program involves the following activities 

  • Developing Mutual Partnership with School Adminstration 

  • Training School staff and teachers using the Nonviolent School Manual 

  • Supporting Violence recording, tracking and Peace boxes for anonymous reporting of incidences of violence

  • Enabling the establishement of student led Peace Clubs

  • Inter-School activities(Art, Music, Debate etc)

  • Leadership and Career Mentorship 

School Violence is a growing problem yet ignored, schools are breeding ground for the next generation yet violence culture thrives. There are violent strikes, fights, bullying, and discrimination, and corporal punishments, physical, emotional and sexual abuse in our schools. Violence costs us human lives and millions of money annually in treatment of victim and destroyed property.

This program aims at propagating a culture of nonviolence through empowering teachers and students on how to solve conflicts peace and become peace builders. We have three levels 1, 2 and 3 for both teachers and students covering ten engaging topics on self-esteem, conflict management and nonviolence.

We developed a Nonviolent School Manual for the school administration to guide in building a culture of peace in school by implementing practical actions to track, measure and address incidence of violence in the school.

We work with the schools to establish Peace clubs through which students grow their leadership skills, network with other schools and take action in their schools and communities through pioneering projects for peace.

We regularly send Master Trainers to support and follow-up the program in each school. Master trainers are certified trainers and mentors under the schools for peace program.

To date, we have 157 partner schools across Uganda, 11,500 students have so far been trained in our Peace Program and 800 teachers equipped.

Thank you to the Non-Violence Project Foundation,  State of Geneva and City of Geneva for your generous support to enable this project run for the next 3 years

Master Trainers