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 A youth educational and empowerment  non-profit organisation  committed to  inspiring, motivating and engaging young people to understand how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence and taking positive social action.

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Community School Giving hope for a bright future to hundreds of Children in Uganda's slum 

In 2016 we mobilized the slum community of Budhumbuli to establish a community school with aim of providing access to quality nursery and primary education to children impoverished families, those affected by violence, alcoholism and the orphans that could not afford the expensive private schools.

From a temporary wooden structure the community school called “Great Hope Junior School” has grown, now having a 4 classroom permanent building, education 130 children and providing employment to 5 teachers and 1 cook.

The school is run by a school management committee composed of community members, NVP Uganda provides overall leadership, support and guidance as the community is mentored to fully take over the initiative in future.


We welcome your support to enable us construct more classrooms, scholastic materials and sponsorship for orphan children